We must first remember that means BIODIVERSITY: The amount of any type of organisms within an ecosystem, region or environment, so when we speak of the northern area it comes to our minds in its full dimension the meaning of this word. In small areas of forest that make up the rainforest in this area is vast the number of local typical trees: Almendros (Dipterix panamensis), Tamarindo (Dialium guianensi), botarrama (Vochysia allenii), and Corteza Amarilla (Tabeuia ochracea) which is the tree symbol in the canton of San Carlos. All together form a huge canopy that is one of the features made by this variety of woods.

We must not forget the wildlife, large varieties of poison dart frogs, leaf litter frogs, insects, bats and the three varieties of monkeys that exist in our forests, as Trogons birds, toucans, the admired and protected Green Macaw, hawks, or common tapir Dante, its natural predator, the jaguar and if we begin to list the different species that live within this ecosystem, as everyone knows are legion.

That's why Pedacito de Cielo Hotel Eco Lodge located in the north of Boca Tapada, Costa Rica invites you to visit our BIOLOGICAL RESERVE WAY TO SAN JUAN, a protected area for the enjoyment of each of the people who visit us both of our country as international visitors where they will be in touch with nature and enjoying the green of these magnificent forest.

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